Obituaries and Appreciations


Alan Montefiore: Le Grand Anti-Simplificateur” from Life and Philosophy: Essays in Honour of Alan Montefiore on his 85th Birthday edited by Catherine Audard and others (FEP Publishers, Oxford, 2011)

Frank Parkin

Leszek Kolakowski” and “Leszek Kolakowski: A Memoir

Ernest Gellner“, New Left Review 71, Sept-Oct 2011

‘Peter Bachrach, Perspectives on Politics, January 2010

Brian Barry‘, The Guardian, 31 March, 2009

‘Ernest Gellner’, Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Philosophers. Thoemmes Press, 2005

Obituary of Martin Hollis in the Proceedings of the British Academy, 115, 2003

‘Ernest Gellner’, New Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2002

Peter Sedgwick (1934-1983)“, History Workshop, No. 17 (Spring, 1984), pp. 211-213

A. H. Halsey The Guardian, 16 October 2014

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