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“The New Democracy” (with Graeme Duncan), Political Studies, 1964, XI, 2, pp. 156-177. Reprinted in McCoy, C.A. & Playford, J. (eds.): Apolitical Politics: A Critique of Behavioralism (1967, Crowell, N.Y.); Kariel, H.S. (ed.): Frontiers of Democratic Theory (1970, Random House. N.Y.) and a number of other places (trans. into German)

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“The Use of Ethnocentricity” – (translated into French and published in Singularités: Les Voies d’émergence individuelle. Textes pour E. de Dampierre (1989, Paris, Plon))

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‘On Genocide,’ Dissent, 3, 1996

‘Toleration and Recognition’, Ratio Juris, 10, 2, 1997

‘Social Justice: The Hayekian Challenge,’ Social Research, 1997

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‘Humiliation and the Politics of Identity,’ Social Research, 31, 1998

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(with Devyani Prabhat) ‘Durkheim on Law and Morality: the Disintegration Thesis’ to Durkheim fut-il durkheimien ?: Actes du colloque organisé les 4 et 5 nov. 2008 par l’Académie des Sciences morales et politiques de Raymond Boudon (Broché – 14 septembre 2011)

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Article on ‘Power’, Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Social Sciences, 2012

Biographical entry on Leszek Kolakowski, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, 2012

“Dimensions of Elite Power” (0n C. Wright Mills) New Left Project 7 Dec 2012

‘Cold War on Campus’  Review of David Caute, Isaac and Isaiah: The Covert Punishment of a Cold War Heretic (Yale University Press, 2013) Dissent Winter 2014

“Robert Dahl on Power” in Journal of Political Power 2015. 8(2): 261-271

‘Deflation and Construction: Rendering Social Causes Meaningful’ in Czech Sociological Review 2015. Vol.  51, no. 8, 518-523 (Contribution to symposium on Isaac Ariail Reed, Interpretation and Social Knowledge: On the Use of Theory in the Human Sciences)

‘Marxism and Morals today’, New Labor Forum  2015 .Vol. 24 (1) 54-61′”Moral” as a Political Concept’, Political Concepts 3.5 Fall 2016: www.

(with David Jenkins) ‘The Power of Occlusion’ Journal of Political Power 2017, 10 (1) 6-24 

Review of Johan Heilbron, French Sociology in Theory and Society 2017 46 (4): 353-356

‘Guilt-tripping the Greengrocer’: East European Politics and Societies and Cultures 2018 32(2): 294-300 (in symposium about Havel’s Power and Powerlessness)

‘Sacred Values in Secular Politics’ Analyse und Kritik, 2017: 1-16‘Norms as Social Facts’ in Werner Gephart and Daniel Witte (eds.), The Sacred and the Law: The Durkheimian Legacy 2017 Klosterman, Vittorio, chapter 4

‘Noumenal Power: Concept and Explanation’ Journal of Political Power 2018, 11(1): 446-55

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‘Comparing Many Moralities: The Anthropologist and the Philosopher’ (review of Webb Keane, Ethical Life  and Owen Flanagan, The Geography of Morals) European Journal of Sociology 59 (3) 2018: 452-9 

(with Alice Crary) ‘How Philosophy and Sociology Need Each Other’ Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 2019 40(10: 81-99

‘Power, Truth and Politics’ Journal of Social Philosophy 2019, 50(4): 562-576

(with Kate Miller) ‘The Other Side of Freedom\: On the Sociality of Ethics’ Anthropological Theory 2020, 20(4): 413-437

‘On the Rhetoric of Human Rights’ Critical Quarterly 2020 63(3): 42-43

‘Power and Domination’ Journal of Political Power 2021, 14(2)

‘Power and Rational Choice’ forthcoming in Journal of Political Power.

‘Durkheim and the New Sociology of Morality’, The Oxford Handbook of Émile Durkheim, Edited by Hans Joas and Andreas Pettenkofer. (Forthcoming) Online Publication Date: Jun 2020 DOI: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780190679354.013.30

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